Listen to 'Alone With The Wires'

Forest Fire are streaming their new track 'Alone With The Wires' - listen to it now.

A resolutely independent project, Forest Fire had previously sworn to record every note, every noise in their material on their own. With new album 'Screens' though, the band seem to have found the confidence to bring someone new into the fold.

Jonathan Schenke agreed to engineer recent recording sessions, adding something unexpected. The results will be gathered on 'Screens', an album which matches Mark Thresher's lyricism to an increased sonic palette.

New cut 'Alone With The Wires' is the perfect introduction. Part fey indie pop, part wonky motorik rhythms and skewed synths, you can listen to it below.

So why is the new album called 'Screens'? Natalie Stormann explains... "We choose the title Screens because of the prevalence of screens in our everyday life (literal ones like television screens, computer screens, phone screens, and metaphorical ones that distort our view of reality) and because art/music is a screen between the artist and the audience."

'Screens' is set to be released on September 2nd.

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