Debut album to gain British release

Australian producer Flume has tied the knot with Transgressive, who will give his debut album a full British release.

The internet has made the world a far smaller place - but divides still remain. Based in Sydney, Flume quickly gained a reputation as being a producer to watch out for - someone capable of matching the latest styles, sounds to enormous depth.

Working with a number of collaborations and guest musicians, Flume's debut album made an enormous impact in Australia on its release earlier this year. Thanks to the web (hello!) British fans weren't immune, although the album struggled to gain an official release.

Transgressive have kindly stepped in, with 'Flume' set to be released early next year. Arriving on February 18th, the album drops the same day as the Chet Faker assisted single 'Left Alone' - a track which has already become the producer's calling card.

Stream it below.

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'Flume' is set to be released on February 18th.

1. Sintra
2. Holdin On
3. Left Alone
4. Sleepless
5. On Top
6. Stay Close
7. Insane
8. Change
9. Ezra
10. More Than You Thought
11. Space Cadet
12. Bring You Down
13. Warm Thoughts
14. What You Need
15. Star Eyes


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