Singer is 'hot' she claims

Fast rising singer Florence Welch has praised pop star Lily Allen, labelling her performance at the Glastonbury festival as 'hot'.

Florence Welch is a long standing figure on the London music scene. Praised by her contemporaries, the singer was capable of working with Johnny Borrell yet still struggled to find fame.

Forming Florence & The Machine, the singer was snapped up by a major label before waltzing away with the Critic's Choice award at this year's Brits. Yet amid mounting hype her career has stuttered, with the group failing to register that all important hit.

With their debut album on the horizon, Florence & The Machine were on impressive form at this weekend's Glastonbury festival. The group have a clutch of great songs and in Welch boast a charismatic singer.

However it seems that the red haired popster has a wandering eye. Watching Lily Allen perform the singer seemed impressed, labelling the 'Not Fair' star as "fit".

"I thought Lily Allen looked so fit," declared Welch to the NME.

"I didn’t actually get to see her performance but I saw it on the telly in one of the backstage areas and I was like hot. So that was beautiful. I haven't actually seen anything horrific yet but I think I'm going to get pretty horrific after I play."

Of course the singer's possible sexuality has caused much speculation in recent times. A photograph of Florence Welch drunkenly kissing Little Boots predictably made its way to the tabloids, with Little Boots recently playing down the situation as little more than a joke.

The electro singer issued a statement saying: "I was not kissing back. As much as I love Florence, not in that way. She is crazy, in the best possible way."

In a recent interview with the NME Florence Welch talked up her debut album 'Lungs'. In a new interview with the NME, Florence Welch reveals that she regards the album as the culmination of a lifetime's work.

"This album feels like a culmination of 22 years of my life," declared Welch. "A scrapbook of events, things I've seen, people I have met, dreams and nightmares, and now seems like the right time to release it into the world. If it was up to me I would never finish it, but I have to let this one go now so I can start another scrapbook."

Florence & The Machine are set to release 'Lungs' on July 6th.

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