Rumours? No, it's all true...
Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac are planning to reform next year for a full world tour, according to Stevie Nicks.

Decades past their peak as studio artists, Fleetwood Mac remain one of the biggest concert attractions on the globe. Capable of filling enormous arenas around the world, the band have not toured together in almost three years.

Breaking cover to chat with The Huffington Post, Stevie Nicks revealed that the band planned on getting back together next year. Re-uniting for a global tour, Fleetwood Mac are now seemingly operating in three year cycles.

"I felt that, in my opinion, Fleetwood Mac should be off the road for three years because then when we come together it's an event because you didn't just see us last year or just see us the year before" she said. "So you know there's all these big ticket bands that go out and who are you going to choose if you just saw us last year? Again, in my opinion, and what our managers have always felt was that staying out of the spotlight for three years is a good number. Three is a good number. So we finished in November 2009 and we are starting in January 2013. It's perfect."

Now Rolling Stone is reporting that the North American dates have been announced. As yet, no European shows have been confirmed but for interested parties those Stateside shows can be found HERE.

Here's 'Dreams'.


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