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Flava D

With her star most definitely in the ascendant, Flava D recently kicked off a compilation series on BandCamp.

Using it as means to deliver some of her more adventurous productions, the series has gained a cult following in its own right.

A few moments ago, Flava D delivered the fifth - and seemingly final - instalment. Introducing the compilation, the producer said:

"Fifth and final edition of the FlavaD.com series. There are two bonus tracks also included in the package... You'll have to download to find out what... I have released over 25 tracks on here in just over 12 months. Thank you for all the support."

Featuring collaborations with Miss Fire and Moony, the compilation also boasts Flava D's re-work of Aaliyah’s ‘Rock the Boat’ which has been getting hefty plays by Rinse regulars of late.

Check it out below.

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