And his ambitious new tour...

Ninja Tune songwriter Fink has spoken to ClashMusic about his new album 'Perfect Darkness'.

Initially an alter ego for singer Fin Greenall, Fink have evolved to become a firm three-piece unit. The band recently travelled out to Los Angeles to work on their new album, allowing an outside producer to guide them.

The results are startling. Out now on Ninja Tune, 'Perfect Darkness' contains some of Fink's most emotive material yet - by turns subtle and striking, the album is very definitely the product of a band, a cohesive entity.

Speaking to ClashMusic recently, Fin Greenall explained how the writing process worked. "I did it all backwards. Very much band led, very much three people contributing to the songs rather than me writing it and then the boys colouring it in for me" he said.

"It was the other way round, and I think the album has come out sounding much more solid than the others because the others are very much band-minded”.

Escaping to Los Angeles to work on 'Perfect Darkness' Fink handed production responsibilities over to someone else for the first time. Allowed to relax in the studio, the band appear to have entered an alternate reality.

“It was really nice to just rock up at ten, everyone’s happy and a runner can go get me a coffee and a donut. Some of the more spoilt bands get six months or a year to do that and it would drive me insane because you’re in your own little world" he explained.

"It’s like being on an Indian reservation, cut off from the outside. If I did that for a year I think I’d go mad. Even speaking to your loved ones, after a week you don’t even want to speak to them because everything just seems so irrelevant. Your life becomes: get up, get high, record all day, record night, go home, have a beer, watch the telly. This time we were sharing an apartment in LA so it was full on.”

Fink are set to tour throughout the summer, before hooking up with 59 Productions. An inventive audio-visual crew, the team are more used to working on lavish West End productions than intimate acoustic songsmithery.

“It’s been really interesting as they’re just in a totally different league" explained the singer. "They did Jonsi’s tour which was full on, a fucking motherload of money with a huge rig and an arty style. I think Fink is a more intimate beast than that. I have absolutely no idea why they want to do it but they do, bless ‘em.”

Full dates below:

23 Brighton St Marys Church
24 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
25 Leeds The Hi Fi Club
27 Dublin Crawdaddy
28 Belfast Spring & Airbrake
29 Glasgow Oran Mor
30 St Andrews Kaleidoscope Festival

2 Manchester The Deaf Institute
4 Bristol Thekla
5 London Union Chapel

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