Jim Jarmusch appears, it lasts fifteen minutes

Fucked Up are preparing to release their new Jim Jarmusch indebted, 15 minute long single 'Year Of The Tiger'.

The end could be nigh for Fucked Up. Rumours are surrounding the future of the Canadian band, with singer Pink Eyes admitting that commitments out-with music could lead to him departing from the fold.

However if they are to split, then Fucked Up are going out on a high. New album 'David Comes To Life' is a spectacular fusion of forward thinking hardcore and a gripping, coming of age style narrative.

Now the Matablog have confirmed that Fucked Up are planning a new single. According to the label: "Oh, what else, what else. Mmmm, did I mention MAYBE THE BEST THING FUCKED UP HAVE EVER RECORDED is coming out Feb 21?"

The latest instalment of the band's Zodiac series, 'Year Of The Tiger' is a fifteen minute epic. Fucked Up are no strangers to lengthy tracks, with the upcoming single featuring Jim Jarmusch, Annie-Claude Deschênes, and Austra.

As if that wasn't enough, Fucked Up are set to play 'David Comes To Life' in its entirety in Toronto on December 20th. A hometown show, the band will then headline a multi-artist bill the following night with all proceeds going to charity - more details HERE.

To celebrate, Fucked Up are planning to release a split seven inch with Sloan. Kept to a limited edition of 500, funds from the single will be donated to the COUNTERfit Harm Reduction Program and the Barriere Lake Legal Defense Fund.

Watch the video for 'Turn The Season' below...

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