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Fuck Buttons

Fuck Buttons are set to release their third album 'Slow Focus' through ATP Recordings on July 22nd.

Two men making bizarre, beautiful, inspiring electronic music, Fuck Buttons could hardly expect to reach a global audience. Yet, when the band's music rang out during the opening ceremony of the Olympics the pair found themselves communicating with an enormous worldwide audience.

Refusing to let this slow their progress, work continued on their third album. Breaking cover this afternoon, Fuck Buttons are now ready to unveil their third album 'Slow Focus'.

Set to be released through ATP Recordings, 'Slow Focus' drops on July 22nd. The band's first full length since 2009's 'Tarot Sport' the upcoming album was entirely self-produced.

"Slow Focus seemed like a very apt title when considering the sentiment of the music" comments Benjamin John Power, "It almost feels like the moment your eyes take to readjust when waking, and realising you're in a very unusual and not a particularly welcoming place. We like to think that we create our own new landscapes, and with this it's a very alien one."

"We've used producers as safety nets in the past" Andrew Hung added, "but we've always had a very specific idea of what our music should sound like and so it became about following the logical path."

'Slow Focus' will be released on July 22nd. Tracklisting:

Year Of The Dog
The Red Wing
Prince’s Prize
Hidden XS

Finally, Fuck Buttons have confirmed a number of festival appearances. Playing the Body & Soul Festival in Ireland, the duo will then travel back to the UK for appearances at Glastonbury, the Green Man and ArcTangent.


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