Big Beat icon in euphoric style

Big Beat icon Fatboy Slim has closed the opening day of RockNess in euphoric style.

Fatboy Slim is flippin' heaven, as the song almost goes. Taking to the stage at RockNess, he is returning to the festival he inadvertently spawned. Headlining the first event in 2006, he returns to find his protege has grown into a stunning event.

Set at the banks of Loch Ness, the crowd gather round the main stage expecting something special. With two headline slots to live up to, Fatboy Slim emerges to the strains of 'Right Here, Right Now' with the crowd going ballistic.

Either side of the stage sit two screens, with the Big Beat legend making full use of his visuals. Playing with his public image, the producer mixes established classics with neat new remixes and the odd family favourite or two.

Dexys Midnight Runners go through the wringer, with Fatboy Slim remixing 'Geno' to great effect. However it is the cutting edge material which grabs the attention, dropping Herve to get the crowd started.

Fresh from a collaboration with the French electro don, Fatboy Slim seems on relaxed form. Playing Snowbombing earlier in the year the Big Beat icon is battle ready leaving the stage to massive cheers.

Returning for the obligatory encore, the first day of RockNess ends with cheers from the mass crowds and suspiciously dry grass... is this really Scotland? Or are we fucking in heaven?

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