Exclusive: Horrors frontman speaks to ClashMusic

Faris Badwan has spoken to ClashMusic ahead of the launch of his new clubnight The Concave Club.

With The Horrors in the studio, busily putting the finishing touches to their third album you could forgive singer Faris Badwan for taking time off. However nothing could be further from the truth.

The frontman entered the art world last year with a series of exhibitions. Leaving this to one side, Faris Badwan has now unveiled plans for a new club night allowing him to delve into his vinyl repository.

Held in The Book Club, The Concave Club is set to launch on January 20th. Promising to play everything from 60s Girl Group Pop to Bruce Springsteen, Faris Badwan will be joined by some close friends.

ClashMusic asked the singer a few probing questions ahead of the launch...

Where did the impetus to start The Concave Club come from?
When I saw the Book Club basement - it just looked like the kind of place I could start a club I'd actually want to go to. There aren't very many of those at the moment.

You seem to be a rabid record collector, when did this habit start?
When I moved to London I was going to all the 60s garage clubs and I met a Rockabilly DJ called "Cosmic" Keith who also worked in a record shop.. he used to give me all the Norton reissues of stuff like the Seeds and the Sonics for free. I think the first record I actually bought was by an 80s garage revival band called Thee Hypnotics - Birmingham's answer to the MC5! The 7" is a brilliant format. I didn't start collecting LPs til a couple of years later.

Favourite record shop?
The best record shop in the world used to be in Croydon - it was called Beano's and was two floors full of every genre, hundreds of rare 7" boxes behind the counter.. they had a closing down sale and everything was half-price. The rest of the Horrors and I used to take the train from Clapham Junction as often as we could.. It was incredible and tragic at the same time because although we were getting great deals on armloads of records we'd always wanted it was an amazing shop and we would rather it have stayed open.

Any rules for DJing? Do you like to mix all styles?
It's no fun unless you're DJing with vinyl. I occasionally DJ with CDs and it takes away the enjoyment from the whole thing.

Any particular style / decade you favour?
60s girl groups, psych and punk.

Any guilty pleasures? The Dandy Warhols?
Not so keen on "Bohemian Like You" but "Godless" is a killer track..

The first night will be filmed, why is this?
Does the Warhol / Factory vibe appeal to you? Yeah definitely.. The Book Club basement looks really unique, like a soul club fallen into disrepair. I thought it'd make for interesting footage when full of people and in turn the filming aspect and the papier-mâché zoo animals should put people on edge.

The Concave Club launches on January 20th

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