Scottish label in shake up...
Fence Records

Fence Records have signalled their intention to hold a shake up and start again under a new name.

Fence Records began as a pun. Kicked off by Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote... geddit?) the imprint began in a tiny record shop located down a side street in St. Andrews. Since 1997, though, the label has been able to build an existence for itself, expanding its roster to include artists from the United States, France, Ireland and more.

Pushed ahead by the indomitable spirit of The Pictish Trail, Fence recently underwent a number of changes. Real name Johnny Lynch, the songwriter decided to move to the remote Scottish island of Eigg, while the label's long running Homegame festival was allowed to take a rest.

Now The Pictish Trail has posted a new message, indicating the label's intentions to once again shake things up. A label showcase at the Green Man festival this weekend (August 15th - 18th) will be their last official event, before taking a new name and beginning afresh.

"Over the past few years I’ve been spending most of my time on the Hebridean island of Eigg, orchestrating the release schedule and events calendar from my caravan studio; Fence founder Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote) retired from involvement with the label at the end of 2012, focusing instead on solo projects and his Alter Ego Trading Company label" the songwriter explained. "All of a sudden there wasn’t much Fife in Fence, or much Fence in Fife."

"So, aye – it feels like this chapter has come to an end, and it’s time to move forward with something fresh" he continued. "The current Fence artist roster, including myself, have decided to continue under a new label/collective name. I’m almost tempted to use the word ‘rebrand’, but that sounds a bit wank. The main thing is this: we will retain the same DIY ethos, commitment to detail, and dedication to supporting original, innovative and – above all – inspiring music and songwriting."

Read the full statement HERE.

Best of luck in whatever you do next, guys 'n' gals!

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