Check out preview track 'Ya Mustafa'
Fair Ohs

Fair Ohs are set to return with new album 'Jungle Cats' set to be released on May 28th.

Fair Ohs are a mystery to us. The London group rejoice in half truths, mythology and outright lies, often peppering their interviews with grandiose tales told with the straight of faces. However we know this much: we have heard their music and we liked it.

Debut album 'Everything Is Dancing' was a spectacular fusion of Afrobeat rhythms and jagged, lo fi indie, sparking a series of flamboyant shows. Never ones to rest on their reputation, though, the band almost immediately went back into the studio.

The results are set to be released this Spring. New album 'Jungle Cats' is another batch of demented party music, an unholy fusion of James Brown style funk, West Coast psych, Turkish pop and other exotic ephemera.

Out on May 28th, Fair Ohs decided to preview the album by placing new track 'Ya Mustafa' online. Seemingly, the track is based on an Arabic/French hit of the same name from the 1950s - but given a serious overhaul, naturally.

The video for the track features a seriously ripped due stripped down to his pants and going through a fitness regime - oh, and there's a baby at the end. Like the sound of it? Find the video below, friends.

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'Jungle Cats' is set to be released on May 28th. Tracklisting:

1. Green Apple Milk
2. Citric placid
3. Mayan Flex
4. Sleep
5. Panama Red Jets
6. Ya Mustafa
7. Silver Jade Mountain
8. Cayman Brac
9. Salt Flats
10. Mountain Bombs


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