"The year of the heart" says Andrew Hung...

Clash asked Fuck Buttons’ Andrew Hung for some tips for next year, for inclusion in our Flipped Tips series.

Here’s what he sent back – less tips, more a reflection on some of 2008’s highs.

“Tips... blimey... to be honest with you, it's a rare thing to see a live show (because that's where the tip comes from presumably? The first encounter being the most practically accessible) that blows me away. So to list five such shows this year... well, that hasn't happened.

“I've had five shows in my life that have blown me away. I'll say who I've liked this year or who have clicked with me or whatever.

Marnie Stern's new album, a logical continuation of the onslaught she began with her first album, set my heart alight this year. No Age clicked with me in a big way as well this year. As did Growing, and Alexander Tucker.

“You know what, there's a common thread that runs through all these bands I've mentioned (which I've just come to realise) and with which possibly encapsulates my aspirations for this whole year. The common thread is that all these bands pummel with heart. Sleeves outstretched, full on show.

“Yes, this was the year of the heart.”

Fuck Buttons’ ‘Street Horrrsing’ album (read about it HERE) is out now via ATP/R. Read a more in-depth interview with the band HERE.


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