New album streaming online...

Gwilym Gold is streaming his new album 'Tender Metal' in its inventive BRONZE format.

Technology is altering the way we make and experience new music. Kicking off his solo career last year, Gwilym Gold decided to place this simple fact at the heart of his decision making process.

New album 'Tender Metal' will be available in plain ol' download and physical formats, alongside its unique BRONZE format. Created by Gwilym Gold and collaborator Lexxx, the press release describes 'bronze' as "manipulating all aspects of the sound, from the rhythms to the texture and structure, and generating a unique version on each and every listen."

For 12 hours only, the BRONZE release of 'Tender Metal' will be available to stream online. It's a strange experience, with the interactive visuals whizzing by as Gwilym Gold's material unfurls itself from your screen.

Check it out below.


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