Featuring Dan Black...

Leo Kalyan has stepped in to remix SALM's new track 'Toy Spark Gun' - listen to it below.

No matter the season, that Parisian sense of ice cool never quite melts away. Relative newcomers to the French dance scene, SALM - short for SomethingALaMode - are steeped in that sensibility, fusing fashion with synth pop to create something dark, moody and utterly contagious.

Recent single 'Prophet 21' became something of a breakout hit for the group, receiving support from several voices in high places.

New cut 'Toy Spark Gun' aims to repeat the pattern, with Dan Black hopping on board for the ride. Adding some frenzied pop energy to the mix, Dan Black pushes SALM's production into a hot, sweaty new direction.

Stripped from upcoming album 'Endless Stairs', the new single is out now. Ahead of this, Clash is able to premiere a remix from Leo Kalyan. Adding some house flair to the group's pop suss, SALM retain their cool through everything.

Listen to it now.

'Toy Spark Gun' is out now.

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