Glitchy, exploratory re-working...

PVT are preparing to release the expanded edition of recent album 'Homosapien' - check out a preview below.

A continually probing, continually changing group, PVT's third album 'Homosapien' may just be their best. Released earlier this year, the group's use of electronics seemed more assured, less haphazard, while the songwriting itself ranked as strong as any the band had put their name against.

Receiving critical plaudits, 'Homosapien' has become a slow-burning success. Now, though, PVT are giving fans the chance to catch up with a freshly expanded edition of their newest album.

Out on Monday (September 9th) the new edition of the album features plenty of additional material. Trésors steps in to remix the title cut, adding a glitchy, exploratory sensibility to the original.

There's a brooding, John Carpenter style feel to the verse, with Trésors blurring the vocals and adding some unsettling effects.

Check it out below.

The expanded edition of 'Homosapiens' is set to be released on September 9th. Need more PVT in your life? Don't forget to check out this archive Clash mix.

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