Ahead of her new album...
Polly Scattergood

Fort Romeau has stepped in to remix Polly Scattergood's recent track 'Cocoon'. Polly Scattergood should be a star.

Hell, if even a handful of the Top 40 had the same amount of confidence, attitude and melody, the charts would be in a far greater state. New album 'Arrows' drops on October 21st, with sessions taking place in London, France, Berlin and Norfolk.

Ahead of this, recent single 'Cocoon' demonstrated that Scattergood remained an artist of great flexibility and depth. Fort Romeau has stepped in on remix duties, and the results are pretty special.

Chopping up the vocals into a mechanical whirr, the producer throws in some space age synths, some flecks of technology to drive Scattergood's pop touch firmly into the future.

Neon clad disco with a rocket propelled kick, you can listen to the remix first on Clash.

'Arrows' is set to be released on October 21st. Tracklisting:

1. Cocoon
2. Colours Colliding
3. Disco Damaged Kid
4. Falling
5. I’ve Got A Heart
6. Machines
7. Miss You
8. Silver Lining
9. Subsequently Lost
10. Wanderlust

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