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OLUGBENGA is gearing up to release new EP 'Silver Pixie' - listen to it first on Clash.

Best known as the bass player in Metronomy, OLUGBENGA is also a highly respected producer in his own right. Flitting feverishly between styles, his output thus far shifts effortlessly from pop to soul, hip hop to electronics.

New EP 'Silver Pixie' represents a real coming of age. OLUGBENGA has rarely sounded so self-assured, with the material also marking the introduction of the producer's own imprint Replica Trophy.

Shortly after completing work on the new EP, OLUGBENGA was invited to travel to his native Nigeria for the first time since his teens. Selected by Diesel + EDUN to be part of the Studio Africa Project alongside Spoek and Faarrow, the producer recorded the emotional video for 'Silver Pixie, Iyawo Mi' in Lagos.

Out on October 28th, 'Silver Pixie' is five tracks of continual musical invention.

Listen to it below.

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