Behind the scenes of 'The Perfect Life'...
Moby x Wayne Coyne

Moby has spoken to Clash about his recent collaboration with The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne.

On the surface, Moby and Wayne Coyne would have few elements in common. After all, one is a renowned vegan, someone who is careful about his health - while the other has perpetually lived close to the edge.

Yet on closer inspection, the parallels become clear. Both Moby and Wayne Coyne are record collectors, while both spent their teenage years played in punk bands, struggling to get by.

Working on his new album, Moby decided to hook up with an album friend. Wayne Coyne dropped past the studio, lending his vocals to 'The Perfect Life'.

Speaking to Clash, Moby mused on the origins of the track. "'The Perfect Life' is a song that I've done with my friend Wayne Coyne from the Flaming Lips" he explained. "Originally when I wrote it I just had a little microphone at my studio in New York and recorded a very simple chorus part (the track's working title was originally 'Little Mic'). But then as I worked on the song, the song just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger… I kept adding more drums, more strings, more guitars and more pianos and it almost became like this obsessive compulsive disorder to see how much stuff I could add to the song."

"Once I'd done that my original vocals sounded really thin so I did what a lot of people do; I doubled the vocal to make them a little bit bigger" the New York based artist continued. "However I felt they still sounded quite thin. Then Spike Stent - my friend who's helped me produce this record - had this idea of creating a huge choir. However the problem with a huge choir is you have to rent a gigantic studio and then have 150 people come in and teach them all the parts; it's expensive and time-consuming."

Eventually, Moby resorted to a complicated series of overdubs. "So what I did instead was take eight people and went to a studio here in Hollywood and got these eight friends of mine to sing different parts on-top of each other, so by the end of it, technically we had 150 people. Then all of a sudden the vocals - alongside Wayne from Flaming Lips' contribution - sounded really big."

Judge for yourself... listen to 'The Perfect Life' below.

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