...and Sam Duckworth's along for the ride
Kraak and Smaak

Howson's Groove has stepped in to remix Kraak And Smaak - listen to it below.

One of the most inspiring elements of electronic music is the way in which club culture adopts and re-appropriates items as its own. From the Acid House 'smiley face' logo to the way Electroclash half-inched 80s tropes it's always thrilling to see something unexpected, unusual.

Well, this is slightly unusual. Sam Duckworth is best known as a social conscious songwriter, someone whose work under the Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly moniker was never afraid to speak its mind - certainly on political issues, as well as the personal.

Working with Kraak And Smaak, Duckworth has added his vocals to a genuine Balearic smasher. Pitched at the party season, this is sheer house bedlam from the off - hands aloft, peak time, main room music built for serious club use.

Adding a downbeat sense of melancholy, Sam Duckworth's vocals are the true emotional heart of the track: the silence at the party, the pause for reflection which follows any hard-won slice of euphoria.

Out on September 23rd, Howson's Groove has stepped in on remix duties. Flooding the track with day-glo sounds and amplifying the beat, the producer plays down Duckworth's vocals but retains that essential hook: this'll be good for the city.

Listen to it now.

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