Yep, covering Linda Rondstadt...
Dan Friel

Experimental music often sounds unbearably extreme to those raised on a diet of pop.

Yet for those in the experimental world, a pop song can be an indescribably strange beast. Working with Parts & Labor for years, Dan Friel became lost in a world of feedback, distortion and noise. 

Until he happened upon an AOR standard. Hearing Linda Rondstadt's take on 'When Will I Be Loved' the American artist knew that he had to cover it - but in his own inimitable style.

"There was no grand plan in choosing this song" he said recently. "If you go long enough listening to extreme music, the simplest, purest pop can seem like the most alien thing in the world. That song came on the radio a few years ago and just flooded my brain with endorphins. I was in the van with BJ from Parts & Labor, and I remember turning to him and saying some goofy equivalent of 'what is this strange magical music?' I suspect I had heard it a bunch on the radio as a kid and then erased it from my memory. 'Pure pop' is a weird concept, but this song is what I think of."

Fancy a contrast? Listen to the Linda Rondstadt original HERE before checking out the Dan Friel version below.

Dan Friel is set to play the following shows:

20 Bristol Exchange w/ Black Pus
21 Birmingham Wagon & Horses w/ Black Pus
22 Leeds Brudenell Social Club w/ Black Pus
23 London Tufnell Park Dome w/ Black Pus
26 Manchester Islington Mill w/ Sanae Yamada from Moon Duo

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