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Blu Mar Ten are set to release new album 'Famous Lost Words' on November 18th - listen to it now.

It's a common mis-conception. Exploding into a global form at the tail end of the 90s, drum and bass has suffered from over-exposure, from bangdwagon jumpers presented a simplified version to the masses.

Yet drum and bass never, as the doubters claimed, passed away. The past 18 months has witnessed a huge upsurge in the genre's creative energy, with a new generation of producers taking advantage of new styles such as footwork to explore what can still be done past 160 BPM.

Fusing new experimentation with a sense of soundsystem history, Blu Mar Ten are continuing to push the barriers. New album 'Famous Lost Words' is straight up D&B and makes no apologies for this - rather, it revels in the tradition and possibilities that the genre can afford.

Musically complex, the production on 'Famous Lost Words' thrives on atmosphere, on a sense that music can conjure specific feelings. Robert Manos adds vocals to 'Thin Air' while Agné Genyté and Seba both contributed heavily during recording sessions.

Ultimately, though, this isn't an album dominated by any one person. Blu Mar Ten thrive on the notion of the collective, on many voices and influences being distilled down into one essence.

Out on November 18th, you can listen to a preview below.

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