Techno don reveals mix secrets

Berlin based techno don Ewan Pearson has spoken about his love of the DJ booth, and his illustrious mixes.

Making his name in London, Ewan Pearson has always had a contrary steak. In 2003 the producer simply upped sticks and moved to Berlin, while recently he has begun producing guitar acts such as The Rapture and Delphic.

Remaining intensely devoted to electronic music, the producer recently curated a stunning mix for Kompakt. Including some exclusive tracks from Ewan Pearson himself, the release has re-affirmed the DJ's love affair with the dancefloor.

Speaking to London superclub matter, Ewan Pearson discussed his fascination with being a DJ. "I love the social aspect of DJing – I’ve met some wonderful people and made friends all over the place."

"Which is kind of funny since I am by nature a bit anti-social and certainly keep myself to myself a lot of the time. And I really enjoy the opportunity to read and ponder afforded by travel. I get sick for the road when I don’t do it for a bit. And there is still a great variety of great music out there – negotiating it all is getting more and more time-consuming / impossible and there’s so much bland stodge to wade through but the rewarding stuff is still out there."

Continuing, Ewan Pearson revealed the thought process that goes behind each of his celebrated mixes. "try to make each one different from the last – partly because I have no choice as my interests change and the prevailing musical climate changes and I am very reactive to that."

"But there are threads that run through all of them I think – melodic sensibility and the like. “We Are Proud…” was put together very much with Kompakt in mind, although I hope it doesn’t sound like a pastiche of a “house” style. Not that I think Kompakt have a style as such – there is kind of a sensibility, but it’s much trickier to pin-down."

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