James Rutledge feels inspired...
Everything Everything

James Rutledge has stepped in to remix Everything Everything - turning 'Arc' into one long continuous track.

Everything Everything are a guitar band. Sure, they might dabble in electronics - and almost certainly own a house record or two - but the Manchester trio are essentially a rock band at heart.

Which is why it's so refreshing to see them get remixed. New album 'Arc' has caused anyone within hearing distance to fall under its spell, with a number of producers sanctioned for official remixes. 

James Rutledge has gone further than most, though. The producer was so enamoured by the new album that he decided to re-work the entire thing - into one long continuous piece of music.

"Everything Everything are one of my favourite bands... I wanted to remix the entirety of the new album into one coherent track that retained the emotive punch and some of the thematic threads that run through Arc. To just build a song using disparate parts from the record" the producer explained. "I've always loved tracks built from samples and musical collages/ bricolage, edits, tape splicing etc. but really wanted to create something contemporary rather than retroish." 

"Whilst I was working on it, I had a day where I had to travel on the overground to the other side of London. Steve Reich's Different Trains was in my earphones and I couldn't hear it too well because the tannoy announcements during my journey were so loud. As I flipped backwards between my rough version of the remix, the EE album and the Reich track I realised that I wanted the remix to sound like a serene and abstracted train journey where you glimpse bits of the album through the window and fragments of the tracks blow around in the dust."

Listen to James Rutledge's re-working of 'Arc' below.

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'Arc' is out now.


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