His fifth in three years...

Welsh songwriter Euros Child is set to release new album 'Summer Special' on August 20th.

The one time frontman of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci, Euros Child has always been famed for his work rate. However recent solo developments are stretching this further than ever, with the songwriter aiming to complete five albums in three years.

Funnily enough, it looks like he might just do it. Ending the five LP cycle, 'Summer Special' will be released on August 20th and finds the Welsh songwriter returning the the ramshackle DIY pop which made his name.

Recently exiting an experimental spell, Euros Child clearly feels emboldened by the creative process. “Because I feel I went somewhere new with the last 3 solo albums, that's enabled me to get excited again about making a more straight-ahead pop record, so that’s what 'Summer Special' is”.

New single 'Spin That Girl Around' has already won 6Music support, with Child's lilting Welsh twang sounding uncannily like Paul McCartney's early, home recorded solo material.

Taken from the upcoming album, here's the piano propelled sunshine pop of 'That's Better'.

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Euros Child is set to release 'Summer Special' on August 20th. Tracklisting:

1. Be Be High
2. That's Better
3. I'm Seeing Her Tonight
4. Headphone Mona
5. Clap a Chan
6. Roogie Boogie
7. Round and Around
8. Painting Pictures Of Summer
9. These Dreams of You
10. That Good Old Fashioned Feeling
11. Skipping and Dancing
12. Good Feeling

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