Check out new cut 'Samgel'...
Esther Joy

London newcomer Esther Joy has posted remarkable new cut 'Samgel'.

The electronic music has an intense, overwhelming style, one that it matched to the often personal nature of her lyricism.

New EP 'Psychic Tears' will be released on August 11th, and it reflects on the travel and upheaval that has filtered through her life.

The EP is lead by new cut 'Samgel', an emphatic opening statement from the artist. Esther says:

"'Samgel' is the name I use for the dark presence I experience and write about a lot in my music. It is a part of me that has overwhelmed me so much in my life and been the root to most of my darkest moments. I named this track after it because as soon as I wrote that first synth line (the big intense one at the beginning), it was like I had found Samgel".

Tune in now.

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