Looking Even More Badass

Despite the usual detractors comparing this to Skyline and various other generic alien invasion movies, we at Clash boldly beg to differ (even though we've only seen the trailers). This is the third officially released and it's quite simply, epic stuff.

Okay, it's a high energy action/war/alien film, not going to win any prizes for script I'm guessing but that's not why anyone is going to see it. Usually such frenetic camera work either bores or instigates a headache but done well and used in combat situations, we can handle it.

South African Jonathan Liebesman is at the helm with (in a great piece of casting) Aaron Eckhart as the lead, it has ball busting Michelle Rodriguez in there kicking some ass too. If the feature lives up to these little tasters then we are in for one hell of a visceral multiplex experience.

Catch 'Battle: Los Angeles' in UK cinemas in March.


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