Rapper in massive Detroit show

Returning rap megastar Eminem made his long awaited comeback last night (May 16th) playing a sensational show in his hometown of Detroit.

Eminem and Detroit are closely tied. The rapper hails from the city, and many of his finest tracks reference the northern industrial town. Hell, his film '8 Mile' was even set there, taking its name from the highway that cuts off the impoverished south side of the city from the more affluent suburbs.

The rapper returned recently with his long awaited new album 'Relapse'. His first full length album in five years, it follows a period of silent introspection from the star.

In a recent interview Eminem revealed the depths of his drug addiction. Struggling with depression following the death of close friend Proof the hip hop icon took a cocktail of sleeping tablets and anti-depressants.

However he has cleaned up now, and in a burst of creativity laid down the tracks that make up 'Relapse' last year with long term producer Dr Dre at the controls. In fact, rumour has it that sessions were so productive Eminem could well release another album within the year.

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Fans gathered for a spectacular free show in Detroit last night (May 16th). Held in Soundboard in the Motorcity Casino Hotel, the event was free entry and - perhaps unsurprisingly - was packed to the rafters.

Joined onstage by Denaun (Kon Artis) Porter and DJ Alchemist, he kicked off with new single '3AM' and played a number of tracks from 'Relapse'.

Of course, two lucky fans were able to jet out to Detroit from Britain. TV presenter Jonathan Ross was invited to the show but couldn't make it.

Instead of letting the tickets go to waste the presenter simply held a competition on social networking site Twitter, with two lucky fans able to head out to Detroit for the trip of a lifetime. Eminem himself seems to be a fan of the site, with the controversial rapper also giving away tickets via a treasure hunt.

Eminem is due to perform at the MTV Movie Awards next month, alongside a variety of performers including Southern indie overlords Kings Of Leon.

Eminem's new album 'Relapse' is out now.

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