"Traditional British real ale" planned

Elbow are set to sell their own beer with 'Build A Rocket Boys!' due to be launched this summer.

If ever a band was born to brew their own beer, it's Elbow. The Bury group have that everyman appeal, that sense of being down to earth which makes them prime candidates to start up a home brewing venture.

Now the group have confirmed plans to do just that. Elbow are set to launch 'Build A Rocket Boys!' - named after their recent studio album - exclusively through Robinsons Pubs this summer.

A limited edition premium session bitter, Elbow announced the news on their official website. The band confirmed that they are "proud supporters of traditional British real ale" and have teamed up with Robinsons of Stockport to work on the barley beverage.

According to a statement the band took part "in a series of tastings at the brewery" - which ClashMusic imagines must have come as a great hardship for them...

'Build A Rocket Boys!' is said to have "a rich, rounded body, smooth bitterness, subtle tang of malt and fruity aroma" and will be rated at 4.0% ABV. Due to launch at the Manchester Food and Drink festival this October, the casks will then be sent to Robinsons pubs around the UK.

Elbow have confirmed that the real ale will be launched at Freshers weeks across the country, before being made available in free trade shops nationally while stocks last.

Of course, Elbow are by no means the first band to attempt this. British Sea Power previously embarked on a similar project, while Becks lager have produced a series of limited edition bottles with Phoenix.

Not alcoholic by any means, but while we're here ClashMusic might as well point out that Mr Scruff is a famous fan of tea and has previously sold his own brand.

Elbow, meanwhile, are set to count down the launch of their beer with a series of tour dates. The Bury group will play a number of European and North American shows before returning to the UK.

'Build A Rocket Boys!' will be launched in october.

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