'The Piramida Concert' due on June 10th

Efterklang are set to release live album 'The Piramida Concert' on June 10th.

Efterklang seem to enjoy breaking boundaries. Retreating to their Berlin studio last year, the band put the finishing touches on an ambitious new record which was fuelled by a trip to an abandoned village located in the depths of the Arctic circle.

'Piramida' was an enthralling, sprawling, engrossing document, one which only really revealed its secrets after successive listens. ClashMusic were lucky enough to meet with the band during its gestation - check out a gallery of exclusive imagery HERE.

Now the band are preparing a live album. Caught performing 'Piramida' in their native Copenhagen, the set features arrangements by fellow Dane Karsten Fundal and New York composer Missy Mazzoli.

Teaming up with the 33-strong Copenhagen Phil orchestra and German conductor André de Ridder, the performance focusses on material from 'Piramida'.

Alongside this, though, Efterklang include 'So' - a song written during those fateful album sessions - and 'Vælv', a classical piece which the band commissioned and was composed by Karsten Fundal.

Listen to live renditions of 'The Living Layer + Vælv' below.

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'The Piramida Concert' will be released on June 10th.

1. Hollow Mountain
2. Apples
3. Sedna
4. Told To Be Fine
5. The Living Layer / Vælv
6. The Ghost
7. Black Summer
8. Between The Walls
9. So
10. Monument

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