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The Lake

Issuing a statement in the opening days of 2014, Efterklang signaled a profound shift in their intentions, their methodology.

"It is time to reflect and move forward" they wrote. "We want to change what it means to be Efterklang and how we operate, create and perform."

Taking time off, Efterklang are now set to launch new online radio station The Lake. A 24 hour, daily station, The Lake will be initiated and curated by Kasper Vang (artist), Jan Høgh Stricker (radio journalist) together with Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen and Rasmus Stolberg from the band Efterklang (4AD).

Hugely ambitious, the station's random playback feature means that fans will be presented with wildly different shows on each visit.

Alongside this, The Lake will host special audio recorded exclusively for the radio station, opening with this year's edition of the MAD Symposium in Copenhagen. Taking place on August 24th and 25th, more than 20 talks from the world's greatest culinary pioneers will be aired on The Lake.

Also forthcoming are a series of shows from Roskilde festival, including spots from Julia Holter, No Wave legend (and To Rococo Rot collaborator) Arto Lindsay, Fir! Orchestra and more.

Finally, The Lake will also host a series of mixtapes. The first of these comes from Awful Tape from Osaka and will air on August 28th.

Tune in HERE.

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