First new material in 4 years confirmed

One of America's most consistently excellent bands are set to return later this year as Eels confirm details of their new album 'Hombre Lobo'.

Centred on Mark 'E' Everett, Eels have carved out a singular career in American music. Everett's biting lyrics and sublime melodic touch have leant themselves to a back catalogue bulging with classics.

Capable of moving from the stark 'Electro Shock Blues' to joyous pop on 'Daisies Of The Galaxy' the band's music is notoriously difficult to predict.

Eels last released an album of new material in 2005 with acclaimed double album 'Blinking Lights And Other Revelations'. Since Everett has revisited his past with the book 'Things The Grandchildren Should Know'.

Accompanied by a BBC Four documentary the book revisited Everett's troubled relationship with his father, a renowned quantum mechanic. In addition to this Eels released a 'Best Of' titled 'Essential Eels' as well as the rarities record 'Useless Trinkets'.

Eels' relationship with their fans is legendary. In 2001 the group held an online contest to name a song title. Eels then simply took their favoured titled and turned them into the lyrics of the B-side 'Hidden Song'.

Recorded in E's own studio in Los Angeles, the album will be one of the keenly anticipated releases of 2009.

Eels are due to release their album 'Hombre Lobo' on June 2nd.

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