As documentary nears...
Edwyn Collins

Struck down by near-mortal illness, Edwyn Collins' recovery has been nothing short of inspiring.

Suffering a stroke in 2005, the Scottish songwriter has recovered to make three wonderful solo records. A film focussing on his recovery is in the works, with directors Edward Lovelace and James Hall stepping in to focus on the documentary.

Titled 'In Your Voice, In Your Heart' the film is expected to launch this summer, with Edwyn Collins recording an instrumental soundtrack for the project.

Currently on tour in Australia, Edwyn Collins spoke to The Guardian about his plans. "I'm doing a new album at the moment! An acoustic one. It's a soundtrack album, and it's really good. One song has my vocals, but the rest of it's instrumental. It seems to be really good so far. Well, actually, it's finished: it's coming out in the summertime. It's exciting stuff!"

Check out a lengthy chat with Edwyn Collins HERE.

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