More acts rush to charity

A massive online auction in aid of the relief effort in Haiti has been joined by Editors, La Roux and many more.

The ongoing disaster in Haiti has shocked the world. An enormous earthquake has left the tiny island devastated, with countless thousands left dead, dying or homeless as the nation's infrastructure struggles to cope.

With aid flooding into Haiti musicians around the world are attempting to help in any way possible. A telethon on Friday (January 22nd) acts such as Jay-Z, Bono, Beyonce and Chris Martin perform.

'The X Factor' guru Simon Cowell has been asked by Prime Minister Gordon Brown to craft a charity single, while Jay-Z is preparing a new release with U2 stars Bono and The Edge.

A massive online auction has captured the public's imagination, with stars donating a raft of special prizes. One time Blur singer Damon Albarn has promised to craft a special new song for the winning bidder, with other acts contributing including Basement Jaxx, DJ Shadow and more.

Now the charity Oxfam has unveiled a lengthy list of acts rushing to aid the auction. British gloom rockers Editors have donated a special item, alongside such varied performers as PJ Harvey, La Roux, Status Quo and many more.

Rolf Harris donated a special painting, and said of the tragedy: “It’s heartbreaking. Millions of people have had their lives devastated by the earthquake in Haiti. I am grateful that I can help in this way. Every single bid has the potential to help change thousands of lives, so get into bidding mode, log on, and get onto eBay now.”

To bid for the items just click HERE.

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