'The Devil Came Down The Chimney'

Ed Harcourt has sent fans an unusual and typically idiosyncratic Christmas message.

There's something about Christmas which just depresses some people. In amongst the tinsel and discarded wrapping lingers something which triggers black moods and even blacker songwriting.

From 'Gremlins' to 'Die Hard' some people have it tough at Christmas time. Writing a new festive track, Ed Harcourt has decided to linger on the more reflective aspects of the holiday season.

Releasing new track 'The Devil Came Down The Chimney' the English songwriter has sent a typically downbeat message to fans.

Read the thoughts of Ed Harcourt below...

- - -

Dear Festive Friends & Foes,

I love Christmas. It's the most magical and nostalgic of holidays, full of cheer and merriment, a time to reflect with your loved ones and bask in the cosy warmth of a roaring fire, imbibe spiced mulled cider & dig deep into your eternally depleted wallet, consume gingerbread, consume chocolate, gorge on turkey & goose, CONSUME, CONSUME, CONSUME!!! There's elves and reindeer and snowmen and of course the legendary Santa Claus himself! A jolly, overweight burglar who knows exactly what everyone wants, sells Coca Cola and lives in Lapland. Except we've forgotten one thing. We've all been very, very, very bad this year haven't we? There's always a price to pay, as Freddie Mercury once said, 'pain is so close to pleasure'.

'helladays are coming, helladays are coming, helladays are coming, helladays are coming, helladays are coming, helladays are coming'

I for one am obviously exempt from this punishment because I am a beacon of brilliance, a pillar of piety and a paragon of virtue. But I'm afraid to say the rest of you are to be punished for your sins and no it's not the Pope. Someone much scarier is coming this Christmas and you better be ready. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas,

EH x

- - -

Download 'The Devil Came Down The Chimney' HERE.

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