For a 12 week residency...
Eats Everything

Eats Everything has signalled plans for a 12 week residency at London venue XOYO.

DJs learn to keep on their toes. After all, each night finds them thrust into new circumstances, a fresh club with a different crowd and hugely varied tastes. But the art of the residency is something different entirely.

It's a task which now faces Eats Everything, who has just announced plans for a 12 week stint at London nightspot XOYO. Opening on January 11th, the residency continues through to March 29th.

Can Eats Everything sustain this ferocious pace? We shall see...

"I used to look forward to seeing the resident DJs at clubs as much as the headliners, they used to be a lot more present 10 years ago than they are now and I'm excited to be part of bringing that idea back. Ibiza has always celebrated the resident, but we lost it a bit here in the UK. Once you find a club you like, the crowd is right and the resident DJs are consistently good it's hard to stay away. The opportunity to take up a residency myself again after all these years is massively exciting."

"XOYO is perfect for this idea, it's a great size, and it’s small enough to be intimate, big enough to have an atmosphere. I’ve always enjoyed playing there so hopefully we'll have some great nights and really push the perimeters of where we can go musically, god only knows what I'll throw in and you can expect all sorts of mucking around on the decks with the other special guests playing each week."

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