Odd Future member Earl Sweatshirt has apparently returned from the shadows.

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All - it's an imposing moniker. Yet one of the collective's more endearing qualities has been their support of Earl Sweatshirt, the LA group's erstwhile producer and collaborator.

Apparently sent back to military school / in Samoa / missing (according to who you believe) Earl Sweatshirt has found a cult following of his own. Last night (February 8th) the producer seemed to step out of the shadows.

A figure purporting to be Earl Sweatshirt has launched a Twitter account and Tumblr containing minimal information.

The author also points fans to a new YouTube clip, which contains snippets of music in the background. A message from Earl Sweatshirt - if, indeed, it is him - writes: "Thanks James snippet. You want the whole shit, give me 50,000 twitter followers."

Watch the clip below...

- - -

When the Twitter account reached 50,000 followers 'Earl' pointed fans to a site containing the track 'Home'. Listen to it HERE.

Why the hesitancy? Well Earl Sweatshirt has 'returned' before. The reclusive figure has been the subject of numerous hoaxes, with Tyler, The Creator recently trolling fans in memorable fashion.

So we'll wait and see...

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