Homme & Hughes return

Desert-dwelling rawk outfit The Eagles Of Death Metal are set to hit the UK for two shows in June, playing London and Falmouth.

After releasing their third album 'Heart On' last year, a string of UK shows followed, then a feud with Axl Rose saw him branding them 'pigeons of shit metal' - it's all go for Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes.

Packed with a host of collaborations with everyone from Brody Dalle to Brian "B.O.C." O'Connor, 'Heart On' again saw the band unleash frantic slabs of sleazy rock in their trademark style.

The Eagles have now entered into a war of words with Axl Rose, after the Guns n Roses frontman fired the group on-stage after a support slot that saw them get a hostile reaction.

The famously outspoken singer reportedly branded the band ''Pigeons Of Shit Metal'' on stage following their slot, with Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes adding of the gig ''When we showed up it was a 25,000 seat arena with 5,000 kids there; not a single one of 'em born when 'Appetite For Destruction' came out. Dude, I think we made a mistake."

The band will now return for two live dates next month - just don't expect to spot Axl propping up the bar at the gigs.

Eagles Of Death Metal Live
24th London 02 Academy Buy tickets here
25th Falmouth Princess Pavilions Buy tickets here

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