'Cadenza' out now

Dutch Uncles have spoken to ClashMusic about the making of their debut album 'Cadenza'.

Hailing from a small town outside Manchester, Dutch Uncles have spent the past year buried away in the studio. A series of much talked about shows led to the band signing a deal with Memphis Industries, who opted to fund their debut album proper.

Retreating to the studio, Dutch Uncles were forced to work out exactly what it was they wanted to say. Recording a number of demos, the sound of 'Cadenza' only came into place when the group wrote 'The Ink'.

A stand out track on the album, 'The Ink' marries the twitchy synth-funk of David Byrne to an ambitious, almost prog style arrangement.

Speaking to ClashMusic, the band described how the track came together. "Somewhere in writing this song we realised where the SOUND of our album should go. Of course we didn't realise the proggy undertones of this track at the time, we just thought the riff sounded ridiculous."

"The chorus took a few months to iron out as the temptation to blow our load within the first minute of the song was hard to deny, but we felt we'd done Talking Heads proud to some extent with it. Lyrically this song first displayed the temperament I was looking for and subsequently became a template for all tracks to follow."

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Meanwhile, Dutch Uncles have been previewing the new album with a series of special shows. Announcing a number of in-store appearances, the Manchester group are set to play their home town's HMV Arnadale tonight (April 26th).

Finishing tomorrow with a set at Rough Trade East, the band will take the Royal Wedding off before playing Live At Leeds on April 30th.

Dutch Uncles are due to play the following shows:

26 Manchester HMV Arndale
27 London Rough Trade East
30 Leeds Live At Leeds

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