Matt Mondanile resumes solo project

Matt Mondanile driven project Ducktails have signed to Domino and lined up the release of new album 'The Flower Lane'.

Part of Real Estate, Matt Mondanile has always been allowed to focus on his own material. Using the name Ducktails, the songwriter has released a series of charming, ramshackle vignettes fuelled by a love of indie songcraft.

Allowing the project to transform itself into a fully collaborative entity, Ducktails recently signed to Domino. Lining up a new studio album, 'The Flower Lane' seems to be their most professional - if you can call them that - effort yet.

Set to be released on January 28th, the press release we've been handed uses Prefab Sprout and (presumably early) Aztec Camera as reference points - all good things if you ask us. By way of a preview, Ducktails have posted the seductive title cut.

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'The Flower Lane' is set to be released on January 28th.


Ivy Covered House

The Flower Lane

Under Cover

Timothy Shy

Planet Phrom

Assistant Director

Sedan Magic

International Date Line

Letter Of Intent

Academy Avenue

Photo Credit: Shawn Brackbill


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