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Duane Eddy has spoken to ClashMusic ahead of a one off show in London later this month.

Duane Eddy is a true guitar hero. The legendary musician first picked up the instrument in the pre-rock 'n' roll era, taking his inspiration from country singers such as Hank Williams. Determined to find his own style, Eddy happened on a 'twangy' sound - using the bass notes, thickened with reverb.

Scoring a remarkable series of hits, Duane Eddy is entwined with the early 60s. Notching up singles such as 'Peter Gunn' his guitar sound inspired a generation of musicians.

Still recording and touring, Duane Eddy is planning a one off return to London later this year. Due to play the 100 Club on June 21st, the guitarist took a moment to reflect on his career with ClashMusic.

Probed about his trademark sound Duane Eddy replied: "That’s something I learned from the country singer Hank Williams. From listening to him, I realised he was so successful and I thought, well, what does he do? Everything he does, he does it with authority and lets it all hang out, and he’s got his own style."

"All country artists - I learned from all of them - they all had their own style. You could tell in the first few bars of a song which artist it was gonna be if you knew their style and their sound."

Continuing, the guitarist explained more about his technique. "I wanted to be distinct, and I knew that the bass strings were more powerful in the studio and recordings than the treble strings, so I just went down there in that neighbour hood and worked out some melodies and things..."

Set to play the 100 Club later this month, Duane Eddy remains an engaging performer. Chalking up countless hits, the guitarist has worked with some of the most iconic musicians in pop culture.

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Duane Eddy has confirmed the following show:

21 London The 100 Club

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