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The team behind DRC Music album 'Kinshasa One Two' are set to re-unite for a Rough Trade in-store.

Uniting Western producers with Congolese musicians, DRC Music was one of the year's more unusual projects. Oxfam linked forces with Damon Albarn, who helped bring together a crack team of producers.

Flying out to DR Congo, DRC Music hooked up with local musicians over the course of five days. Bringing the music together on 'Kinshasa One Two' the collective are set to cross swords again.

DRC Music are set to re-unite on December 6th for a one off performance in Rough Trade East. Both the Western production team and the Congolese musicians will be represented, with the one off event featuring both live performances and DJ sets.

Taking place on December 6th, the full list of participants for the one off event will be announced shortly. Entry is by wristband only, with fans able to claim their wristband from next Monday (December 5th).

ClashMusic recently spoke to Kwes for the beginning of our Global Playlist feature. Focusing on the music of DR Congo, the producer mused on the parallels between Western music and African culture.

“I think while I was over there – not to be clichéd – but I think I experienced the funk there” he stated. “The word ‘funk’ is said to come from an African word which means ‘smell’. That’s a Congolese word – it could be a Ningala word – but it’s definitely derived from a Congolese language. I think we kind of fully experienced the purest form of that, the purest form of what became pop music today.”

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DRC Music have organised the following show:

6 London Rough Trade East

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