"Pitbull music"

Drake has slated David Guetta's music in a recent interview, describing it as "pitbull music".

The past 12 months has seen dance music take control of American culture like never before. Huge raves such as Electric Daisy have been accompanied by crossover hits, with many R&B stars hooking up with electronic producers.

Drake, though, won't be among them. Sitting down with the NME recently (via MixMag), the hip hop icon revealed that he is simply not a fan of big name arena dance producers such as David Guetta.

"For me, the David Guetta stuff just doesn't work" he said. "I don't really wanna go there. There's other artists, that's their sound. They feel in order to thrive internationally that they gotta do straightforward, four to the floor, David Guetta, Pitbull music."

It's not electronic music per se that Drake objects to, however. Continuing, the Canadian rapper singled out British producer Jamie xx for praise. "For me, I'd rather go to somebody like Jamie xx and tell him, 'Look, I really wanna turn the club upside down, but I wanna do it with integrity, with soul."

Jamie xx, of course, worked with Drake on his hugely successful, Rihanna-featuring single 'Take Care'. Watch the video below.


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