Music to bump in your BMW… or your Ford Princess.

He might have severed all ties with A$AP Rocky but SpaceGhostPurp is still serving up those good beats for the Internet to go crazy to.

The Miami producer who produced 'Pretty Flacko' keeps the 'Trap' heads buzzing with this free B.M.W EP (Black Man's Wealth). Brimming with SpaceGhostPurp's signature base sounds from Miami's Trap Rap scene this EP is a must have for the new school rap fans, plus it's free so there's no way you can go wrong here.

'B.M.W" EP

1. B.M.W.
2. Rep FLA (Flawda)
3. Rep Dhat (feat. DoughDough)
4. No Trouble (featt. Nell)
5. V.I.P. (iaintworryinboutit)
6. Po'up
7. Wholelatta Ice
8. trip Club Still Stickin
9. Cum & Git Yuh Some
10. How She Moan
11. Steelo Ice
12. Swervin
13. K.O.D. (King Of Diamonds) (feat. Simmie DoughDough, Chris Travis, Ethel Wulf)

You can download the mixture from by click here (

Words by Jerry Gadiano


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