'Futile Devices' gets re-worked

Shigeto has unveiled a surprising, chilled out take on Sufjan Stevens' 'Futile Devices'.

Signed to Ghostly International, Shigeto's recent album 'Lineage' was a beautiful amalgamation of past / present, nature / technology, acoustic textures / electronics.

Out now, the record is still causing ripples. ClashMusic very kindly had the first stream of 'Lineage', with Shigeto also penning a detailed track-by-track guide - get caught up HERE.

Now the producer has unveiled a beautiful re-working of a Sufjan Stevens' cut. 'Futile Devices' opened his challenging full length 'The Age Of Adz' - a gently picked, loving ode the original track is little more than guitar and vocals.

Gently playing with the song, Shigeto's take is respectful but adds a new dimension. The glitchy electronics flutter around Sufjan Stevens vocals, with the West Coast producer also supplying a comforting cushion of bass.

Available as a free download, you can grab Shigeto's re-working of 'Futile Devices' below.

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A quick quote from Zach Saginaw aka Shigeto: "While I was living in London from 2003 - 2007 I worked at a cheese shop in Covent Garden. Rough Trade was right next door and I remember spending many a lunch break digging through records, listening to new releases and not eating."

"I stumbled across Sufjan Steven's Michigan album and was blown away and inspired that someone would dedicate a whole album to Michigan. When I had the chance to flip one of his new songs I jumped on it. I picked 'Futile Devices'. I loved the acoustic guitar and the vocals. Nothing is more fun than remixing stuff that is so different from your own. I had a lot of fun with this one."

Shigeto's new album 'Lineage' is out now.

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