The latest LuckyMe festive treat...

Rustie is giving away new track 'Terra Star' as part of LuckyMe's Advent calendar.

A loose knit collective of DJs, producers and visual artists, LuckyMe recently launched their very own advent calendar. A means of rewarding fans with free music, treats to date including offerings from Jacques Greene, American Men, Sevendeaths and more.

For their latest trick, LuckyMe have called in a favour from an old friend. Rustie is giving away a new track, with 'Terra Star' available to download HERE.

Clocking in at a little more than two minutes, the producer keeps things concise and to the point. 'Terra Star' is outrageous, fluorescent trap music build to be heard on a dilapidated container ship in a far-flung corner of the universe.

Stream the track below.

Fancy some more free treats in the run up to Christmas? Keep in touch with LuckyMe activities HERE.

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