Re-working a classic hip hop beat...
Only Real

Only Real has placed new track 'Take It From Me' online - check it out below.

Forever future minded, hip hop's recent decision to about-turn and analyse its own past has been an intriguing development. Resurrecting instrumental from the 90s, new rappers such as Joey Bada$$ and Bishop Nehru have plundered the past to forge their own identity.

It's a movement which Only Real just can't resist. The West London producer is still only in his teens his always has his finger close to the pulse, and recently opted to re-work a classic instrumental.

Half-inching elements of 'Money Talks' by Lord Finesse, Niall Galvin locks his guitar away to freestyle over the top. An impressive diversion, there's a laid back quality which recalls trip hop without seeming too coffee table.

Available as a free download, it won't cost you a penny to uncover if we're close to the mark or far out in left field... Download it HERE.

Only Real is playing a live set at The Garage in London this Friday (July 7th).

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