It's here...

Kelela has placed new mixtape 'CUT 4 ME' online - listen to it now.

Based in Los Angeles, Kelela Mizanekristos is a mesh of contradictions. A trained vocalist in love with club culture, she fuses 80s synth pop with cutting edge production, an American sensibility but with European tastes.

Releasing a handful of tracks, Kelela was seemingly able to garner huge hype with only a few downloads. Preparing her debut mixtape 'CUT 4 ME' the rising artist called in a few favours.

Assembling a cold as ice team of producers, the beats come courtesy of Fade To Mind and Night Slugs artists such as Bok Bok, Kingdom, Girl Unit, Nguzunguzu, Jam City and Morri$.

Well, now it's here. 'CUT 4 ME' is a deadly introduction, containing some fantastic production and - importantly - a measured, mature songwriting touch from Kelela. Listen to it below and download the mixtape HERE.

1. Guns & Synths [Prod. Bok Bok, Napolian, Tariq & Garfield]
2. Enemy [Prod. Nguzunguzu]
3. Floor Show [Prod. Girl Unit]
4. Do It Again [Prod. NA]
5. Go All Night (Let Me Roll) [Prod. Morri$]
6. Bank Head (Extended) [Prod. Kingdom]
7. Cut 4 Me [Prod. Kingdom]
8. Keep It Cool [Prod. Jam City]
9. Send Me Out [Prod. Kingdom]
10. Go All Night (Let it Burn) [Prod. Morri$]
11. Something Else [Prod. Nguzunguzu]
12. A Lie [Prod. Bok Bok]
13. Cherry Coffee [Prod. Jam City]

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