By Lee 'Scratch' Perry..

Gang Gang Dance have been given an overhaul by dub reggae pioneer Lee 'Scratch' Perry.

Released earlier this year, 'Eye Contact' by Gang Gang Dance is one of the band's best albums yet. Sure, the influences are as disparate as ever but the Brooklyn group seem to have attained a sense of focus.

Stand out track 'Mindkilla' was eight minutes of propulsive dancehall energy mixed with eerie samples. Lizzi Bougatsos' vocal delivery drove the track to another level, adding to the energy but adding a sinister edge.

Pressed on 12 inch by 4AD, 'Mindmilla' was backed by eleven minute (!) cut 'Glass Jar'. Clearly these people have time on their hands...

Dub reggae pioneer Lee 'Scratch' Perry is apparently an admirer, and after being handed the stems for 'Mindkilla' has delivered a surprising remix. Throwing in a few Jamaican rhythms, the producer has turned the track on its head.

Adding in new elements, the result almost feels like a completely new track. Apparently recorded in a Jamaican studio, Lee 'Scratch' Perry would have crossed swords with Gang Gang Dance at ATP recently.

Speaking about the experience the Jamaican producer said: "I did have a great fun in the studio in Negril (Jamaica) recreating the riddim. The ingeneers and people around also enjoyed the vibes and the great voice of Lizzi. All the blessings for the remix from LSP."

Gang Gang Dance were over the moon after being sent the remix. Brian DeGraw spoke for the group by saying: "I feel ACTUALLY have made some form of musical communion with LSP."

"I think about him a lot in day to day life but never really imagined our paths would cross in any other way. And I really have to give it up for anyone who gets handed a song about fear and turns it into a club banger about eating cops. Perfect."

Download the remix HERE.

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