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UNKLE have released part of their recent soundtrack to 'Lives Of The Artists: Follow Me Down' as a free download.

Matching stunning scenery to an inventive soundtrack, 'Lives Of The Artists: Follow Me Down' is a new film crafted by Relentless. Matching award winning directors with an ambitious snowboard team, the documentary follows Xavier de le Rue and Jeremy Jones as they try to cross the Antarctic.

Combining grit determination with dramatic landscapes, 'Lives Of The Artists: Follow Me Down' benefited from a soundtrack by UNKLE. Containing new and previously released material, the music adds an extra dimension to the film.

Receiving its full premiere earlier this year, the film is now able to view online. Featuring six new tracks, you can stream the documentary HERE.

The music is crafted by James Lavelle and his UNKLE co-partner Pablo Clements, and now the soundtrack is available to download. A free download offer from Relentless, the band intended the music to be as organic as the film itself.

“I wanted it to be organic: nature and its volatile balance definitely dictated the mood,” explains Lavelle about his bands’ soundtrack. “There’s an element of permanent menace in the sound design. I was in awe at the Antarctica scenes and the power of human drive: it makes you feel quite small actually.”

Continuing, Clements explained that the music should be fully integrated into the scenes. “This documentary has its own beauty going on - we needed to do something that's melodic but didn’t distract from the scenes,” he said.

“We'll find an emotion which works then tweak it for the scenes - trying to follow the tempo of the scene.”

The new downloads contain six tracks, including excerpts from the film's score and a series of remixes. Tracklisting:

1. Under The Ice (Scene edit) 2:08
2. Not A Sound 5:10
3. Set No Sun 4:13
4. Country Tune (Redux) 4:28
5. Every Dream Comes To an End 3:07
6. Heaven (Live) 5:11

Click HERE to download the EP!

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